What we do

We are Our United Revolution North Jersey, A Chapter of Our Revolution. Our goal is to advocate for progressive policy and values in New Jersey through:


We hold monthly meetings for members to hear from local representatives, voice their concerns, plan events, and rally with other groups about the most pressing issues here in New Jersey effecting every day people right now. 


Connect with local and state candidates at meetings and events. Ask questions, and find out about issues concerning you. We connect with other progressive groups to share our resources and focus our grassroots efforts to produce real change at the local and state levels; endorsing candidates that fight for progressive change.


Inspiring and recruiting progressive candidates to run for offices across the entire spectrum of government. From school boards to congressional seats, a new generation of political leaders, dedicated to transforming America’s corrupt campaign finance system and rigged economy, will become involved. Join our local chapter and be an advocate for progressive values. Find out what actions you can take, and upcoming events in New Jersey that WILL make a difference.

We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes
— Ella Baker, Civil Rights Activist